Our Strategy practice adopts a holistic approach in developing the right strategies for our clients:

  1.  Review current strategy
  2. Develop new strategy
  3.  Implement

We have inculcated in our practice, post-implementation monitoring and support to help our clients fully familiarize themselves with the new direction, processes and procedures to ensure that measurable outcomes are achieved

  • Processes

Systems are based on processes. Efficient systems are understandable, measurable and scalable.  Our Process Practice reviews the systems in place and improves on them.  From a broad sense, we adopt a two-prong approach, which is customized to suit client needs:

  1. Review current process
  2. Re-align or Re-design

Capacity Building

The right people in the right positions are the fulcrum for the successful delivery of business strategy. Our capacity Building practice rests on 3 pillars:

  1. Gaps/ Needs Analysis
  2. Competency Framework
  3. Intervention Planning
  •  Finance

Georgian Colonial and partner firms provide advisory services around restructuring, M & A transactions, restructuring and raising capital and valuations.